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Four ways a Virtual Business Manager can support your business

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

In this short article, I’m going to take you through a few things that a Virtual Business Manager (VBM) can do for your growing businesses.

First, I’d like to demystify that Virtual Business Managers only work for online businesses. We work for all sorts of businesses, and I love the variety that my clients bring to my days. And now, let’s jump in!

The role of the VBM boils down to one thing – to free you up (the business owner) so you have headspace (and time!) to focus on the things that only YOU can do in your business. Here you have 5 ways a Virtual Business Manager can support your evolving business:

1. Manage your projects (and services/product launches)

For example, managing (or performing) day-to-day business activities or the onboarding of a new client. And a lot more:

  • Set up a project plan

  • Help you execute the project

  • Find solutions to challenges that arise during the projects

  • Keep track of deadlines and various tasks needed to get the project off the ground and become successful

  • Help manage resources (like time, team members, technology, project management software, and more) needed to execute the project successfully

  • Managing the budget for the project

But that’s not all…

  • Research

  • Setting up technical platforms like client portals

  • Managing new employees/client onboarding

  • Manage the production and completion of different revenue streams

  • And a lot more.

2. Hire and manage your team

After a point, if you want to grow and scale, you need a team to help you. Pretty soon, the time you saved by delegating tasks is replaced by the time you spend managing and training the new team members. Leaving you unable to take on new responsibilities that help you grow your business.

If you have your own team, a VBM can help you manage that team by:

  • Conducting the entire interview process for a new team member

  • Onboarding new team members

  • Communicating and following up on deadlines

  • Handling team reviews, budgets, and expenses

  • Motivating and leading the team to successfully complete a project

  • Becoming the liaison between you and your team so that you have one point of contact instead of many and can still stay on top of everything

  • Creating the right documentation, contracts, Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs), and training materials for a smooth transition to the team

  • And more!

3. Being your strategic right hand

Just like a Business Manager of a brick-and-mortar business, a VBM can help you grow and scale your business by providing you with the right marketing or operational strategy.

  • Support identifying the gaps in your marketing and operations and devise a plan on how to fill them

  • Analyse your business goals and needs to come up with a strategy to meet them

  • Brainstorming

  • Identify your ideal customers and create a plan to reach them

  • Review your systems and processes: identify what operations are slowing your business down and develop a plan to troubleshoot them

4. Create Standard Operational Procedures

The documentation of business processes not only increases productivity but reduces the risk of errors leading to increased efficiency. A VBM can review and improve your current processes, as well as create new ones based on your business operations and needs.

The documentation of SOPs also helps businesses to set the expectations on how the job needs to be done to ensure that services and products are delivered consistently every time.

VBMs can also look at how to make the business owner's days more efficient:

  • Reviewing where a business owner spends their time

  • Identifying repeating tasks and processes

  • Creating templates and automated responses so the business owner or team members don’t have to think afresh every time a similar task comes up

  • Anticipating the flow of tasks based on your monthly/yearly goals and creating systems and processes for the same

As you can see, having the right person supporting your business can be a game-changer! The result: YOU can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business... Do what you do best, and let me sort the rest!

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