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Case Studies

Welcome to our case studies page, where I invite you to embark on a journey through the stories behind our daily work. 

Each case study is a testament to my commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering tangible results. I invite you to explore these stories to learn more about me and the work I do. By examining real-world examples, you can gain valuable insights into my methodologies, strategies, and the positive impact I have had on my clients.

Spring Leadership

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  • Allowing the time and head space to operate from her ‘area of genius’

  • Ensure a smooth running of the business during a period of transition

  • Win-win partnership

Context / Customer intro

Spring Leadership is a boutique leadership coaching firm with a high performing and caring team supporting organisations with leading-edge leadership development. I joined the team as a fractional operations support with the main objectives of:


  • Being the right hand of the founder and take tasks off her plate

  • Generate time and headspace for its founder to be and operate in her 'zone of genius' and focus on more strategic aspects of growing and maintaining the businesses

  • Setting up, connecting, updating and maintaining tech tools and systems to streamline our operations and services

  • Systems and processes review and creation to improve efficiency and effectiveness

  • Being able to think critically, proactively suggest recommendations for improvements, and provide excellent customer service to clients and team members


The initial six months had a strong focus around:

  • Learning about the business

  • Setting up systems and processes to free up Spring’s founder time and assure a smooth running of the business

  • Team management and creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assure consistency and how-to guides

  • Creation of SOPs to deliver their coaching programmes

  • Review of internal processes

  • Taking care of customer enquiries and client onboarding


Once the initial set up was completed, I focused on:


  • Continuous improvement

  • Team management

  • Onboarding of new team members

  • Client onboarding

  • Ensure that customers had enquiries dealt with on a timely manner and at a high standard

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting

  • Marketing strategy implementation


Partnering with Spring Leadership, we achieved the following:


  • Reducing the founder hours of work by 35%, freeing up her time and allowing her to focus on the strategic side of her business as well as working on her ‘area of genius’

  • Standardise and record systems and processes

  • Giving head space, time and peace of mind to the Spring’s founder

  • Ensuring a smooth running of the business while the Spring’s founder went through a significant period of transition

  • Team being nurtured and supported


“Laia is a joy to work with!  Having her support not only frees up my time but provides me with peace of mind.  I have developed a deep trust as her high standards and genuine care are aligned with our values and the excellent service we strive to provide to our own customers.”


“Laia is proactive and has taken it upon herself to study and get to know our business’ non-mainstream systems. Her curiosity and desire to figure things out independently is immensely appreciated and she achieves a wonderful balance of making decisions on her own and asking for support/input where needed.”

Aenslee Tanner - Spring Leadership

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