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  • What is a VA/OBM? A Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager is an independent professional who provides a range of services (administrative, operational, marketing, creative, management, etc.) while working in long-term collaborative relationships with a handful of clients. Using phone, email, as well as other technologies, VA/OBMs support their clients’ needs, across the board, remotely.

  • Can I hire a VA/OBM for just one project? Yes, absolutely! I love building long-term relationships but I understand that each business has its own needs so I do one-off project work for clients. What is important for me before engaging with any sort of work is that we are a good fit and keep open and honest communications. 

  • How will I be charged? I offer different options: a casual hourly rate for ad-hoc work, monthly packages for those needing ongoing support or a customised package for project work. For more details, check our Services & Pricing section

  • What are the benefits of engaging a VA/OBM?

    • Multi-skilled: I have 15+ years' experience under my belt and can offer a wide range of skills. I'm also continually learning and growing new skills to be competitive in the current market. ​

    • No extra costs: I'm self-employed so you don't need to worry about any overheads: no additional costs on recruitment, annual and sick leave, training, and office supplies, etc.

    • Only pay for time spent on your work: I track my time so you only pay for 100% work completed, no time wasted on other distractions.

    • No office equipment or space needed: I work remotely and use my own equipment and office space. I love building relationships, so I'm always happy to meet my clients in person and work on their premises when needed. 

    • Better work-life balance: I focus on reducing your to-do-list so you have the time to focus on growing your business, and have time to enjoy your personal life.

    • Location: Because I work remotely, it doesn't matter where you are based, I can get the work done for you. 

  • How is the onboarding process? Before we commence work, I'll send you a welcome pack that includes information about how I work as well as a few questions to get to know you better. I also include the mail tools and systems I use in my business and I'm always happy to adapt to your processes and systems. A kick-off meeting is scheduled to hand over the work, and you need to expect to invest a little bit of time for the first few weeks so I can learn more about your business and how you like things done. Open communication is essential for the success of our working relationship. I recommend weekly check-ins to keep the lines of communications open.

  • Is a VA/OBM always online? Unfortunately, because I'm only a human being, I can't be online 24/7. I work flexible hours and try to be online Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. You can contact me outside those hours via email, text message or phone call, and I'll always come back to you as soon as possible in a timely manner.

  • Where to find a good VA/OBM for hiring? I'd love ​to be your "solution", but not everyone is a good fit. The best place to start looking for a VA/OBM is the Virtual Assistant New Zealand Directory. You can search a VA by location and skill set. 

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