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Work Smarter, Together

Virtual Business Management Services

Your Remote Business Management Support

Imagine the peace of mind of being able to focus on growing your business or stepping aside when needed while things in your business run smoothly without you.


If time and a lack of business systems and processes are getting in the way of you scaling up your business, I can help.

Take control of your day

Lighten The Load. Scale Your Business. Reduce Your Hours

Redefine Your Role

Create and update systems, processes and workflows that help you redefine your role as the business owner.

Reduce Your Workload

Delegate tasks to an expert and your new right-hand and accountability partner,  allowing you to free up your time to spend elsewhere.

Focus On Growth

With the right processes in place, supported by systems and tools that make those processes more efficient and effective, you’re able to leverage opportunities for networking and growth.

Every business is different, which is why I create tailored proposals for your specific needs. Many of my clients require Virtual Business Management services that fall into the following categories.

Business Strategy And Planning

Stop reacting and start being proactive

If you're unsure about how to elevate your business or decrease your work hours, engaging in a business strategy and planning workshop will provide you with clear insights and a practical plan to follow.

In your business planning and strategy session, we’ll look a the whole picture: 


  • What success looks like to you

  • Your vision, mission and values

  • Your vision for your lifestyle and how your ideal business life looks like

  • Where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow

  • Your goals and objectives

  • Your business budget

  • Your profit strategy


And from this we’ll create an action plan that allows you to track your progress and get on top of things

Outline essential systems and processes needed for growth

See which tasks can be delegated or deleted and which need to be done

Create a practical, actionable plan to implement change

Business Strategy And Planning


This package includes:


  • Half a day workshop

  • Workbook

  • Resources to create your budget, profit strategy and action plan

  • One pager business plan

  • 90-minute follow-up session 2-4 weeks after the initial session


One-on-one and group sessions available.

Achieve the business success you’re looking for

Vera Boessenrodt

Your Village - Baby & Child Sleep Support

"Being a mum of 2 little children while working pretty much full time and setting up my own business is for sure a challenge: practically & emotionally. Having Laia at my side with her knowledge, professional support, and kind & patient personality is an absolute blessing to me! She helps me refocus and break down seemingly overwhelming goals into smaller, achievable steps. When I doubt my capabilities or minimise my successes so far, she reminds me that believing in myself while being assertive but patient is incredibly important. 


If you have a business you believe in but struggle to know where to go next, Laia will be right beside you, supporting you to find your way."

Systems And Processes Review & Development

Create streamlined systems to make running your business easier

If it’s all in your head, you’ll never be able to step out of your role, sell your business or take a long break. 


Having standard operating procedures, systems, and the right software will help reduce time and increase efficiencies in your business - reducing errors, increasing profitability and creating a safe and streamlined work environment.

I’ll tailor a package to your needs, whether to create one-off standard operating procedures or work through several over time. 


  • Business process review - to audit and understand your current processes

  • Determine what improvements or new processes need to be developed

  • Create an action plan to prioritise standard operating procedure (SOP) development

  • Create SOP’s.

Clear systems and processes that keep your team on track and free up your time.

Consistently deliver high-quality work that stands out in your industry.

Create efficient and effective business practices that help you gain time back.

VIP Days

Book me in for a 6 hour day for a deep dive project with instant results.​


NZ$1,980 + GST

Deep Dive Business Process Session

This package includes:

  • 90min online workshop to understand your current processes

  • Summary report that includes the session findings and recommendations

  • Proposed action plan


NZ$650 + GST


SOP Creation

Price of application after the business process review.

Chris Walsh

Director/Principal Planning Consultant at Tripp Andrews

"Our small team has grown over the last 2 years, and with the changing working environment, we saw it as both a requirement and opportunity to implement improvements within our business. Laia has been the perfect person to help us with this. She has pushed our team with her proactiveness and has worked efficiently, meeting all agreed deadlines. Her organisational skills were exactly what we needed. Thank you again, Laia."

Virtual Business Management Monthly Packages

Outsource your business management activities

A virtual business manager can be an invaluable resource if you need managerial support but don’t have the resources or need for a full-time, in-house manager.

Each business has different needs, which can be fulfilled with regular, ongoing outsourced business management. 


I become part of your team to lighten your load of management tasks, allowing you to free up your time, take advantage of new opportunities and grow the business you dream of. 


  • Manage your projects 

  • Hire and manage your team

  • Be your strategic right hand

  • Review and create standard operating procedures

  • Set up and manage databases

  • Business research and development


For those wanting a planning and strategic partner

Up to 20 hours per month


Monthly tasks may include: 

  • Annual strategy and plan

  • Action plan creation  

  • Tracking and execution of action plan

  • Monthly reviews

  • Quarterly reviews


For those looking to regain their management time

Up to 30 hours per month


Monthly tasks may include:


  • Team management

  • Business research

  • Project Management

  • Operations management

  • Systems and processes review, design and implementation

  • Workflows

  • CRM management

  • Business documents ad guidelines creation and updates


For businesses wanting a strategic partner plus gaining their time back

Up to 40 hours per month


Monthly tasks may include: 

  • Annual strategy and plan

  • Action plan creation  

  • Tracking and execution of action plan

  • Monthly reviews

  • Quarterly reviews

  • Team management

  • Business research

  • Project Management

  • Operations management

  • Systems and processes review, design and implementation

  • Workflows

  • CRM management

  • Business documents ad guidelines creation and updates

Supporting you to create the business you dream of.

Lucas Grossi

Founder at Crowd Sourcing Limited

As a small business owner, our ability to accelerate and scale the delivery of our business without growing in permanent staff numbers meant using external help. Access to next-level advice is a lot harder to come by than I originally envisioned. Enter Laia (Elevate Business Management).


For the past 5 years, Laia has been a critical asset to our business, both at a strategy and planning level as well as at an execution level. With deep expertise in helping small businesses grow smartly, Laia has been consistently able to draw from her experience and adapt to our specific needs, maximising our efficiency and learnings and avoiding costly mistakes. 


She's implemented effective systems and processes that have enabled the business to go faster and better with an underlying philosophy of users in mind: "Build it in such a way that the right way is also the easiest way" has been her predicament all along, and it's worked great for us.


I found Laia to be proactive, efficient and fun to work with all this time. EBM's cost models are transparent and customised to our needs, enabling us to plan ahead. We'll continue to work with Laia in the future.

Laia Sastre | Elevate Business Manager

Hola. I’m Laia.

I get that it takes lots of time and energy to set the foundation of a business. 


As business owners, we want to be in charge of our time and flexibility, and it’s not always possible.


As a virtual business manager, I love to partner with small to medium businesses that want to work smarter, not harder, with fewer roadblocks getting in the way of what needs to be done. 


So they can grow a more profitable business without having to sacrifice work-life balance.


Three Simple Steps From Overwhelmed to Focused

1. Book A Call

The first step to working together is to schedule a consultation call. 


We’ll talk about your business's unique needs, goals, and challenges. During this call, I’ll help you to identify areas where my expertise and services can make a meaningful difference. 


I can tailor my approach to meet your requirements by understanding your challenges and aspirations. 


Additionally, this call serves as an opportunity to make sure we’re a good fit, ensuring a strong working relationship.


After your free 30-minute call, I’ll send a proposal detailing how Elevate Business Management can help your business.

2. Create A Plan

Once we’ve identified your business's needs, it's time to develop a strategic plan. 


This plan will serve as a roadmap to provide the necessary support and services to help you achieve your objectives. 


The plan will include clear, actionable steps, prioritised tasks, and milestones to track progress. 


The plan will be designed to adapt and evolve as your business grows and your needs change, providing ongoing support and direction.

 3. Make It Happen

With a solid plan in place, it's time to put it into action. 


I’ll begin implementing the strategies and tasks outlined in the plan, working diligently to ensure your business reaches its full potential. 


Throughout the process, we’ll keep in regular communication, providing updates on progress, addressing any challenges, and celebrating successes. 


As your trusted partner, I’ll keep you accountable to your goals and empower you to stay focused on the bigger picture. 


By working together, you'll be able to overcome obstacles, maximise opportunities, and achieve the growth and success you envision for your business.

What is a virtual business manager and other questions you might have

Let’s Start Working Together!

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