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Virtual Business Management Services

Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Outsource Your Business Management And Free Up Time In Your Business

Imagine having the time to step out of your business and focus on what matters most to you instead of the day-to-day running of your business. 


Many business owners are too busy and can’t focus on what they need to do in their business to scale up or free up their time. 


A Virtual/Fractional Business Manager can help you

  • Strategise and plan

  • Implement your plan

  • Reduce your working week

  • Achieve your business goals

  • Take advantage of more opportunities

  • Grow your business

Create time to focus on your business

Don’t Let Lack Of Time And Systems Hold You Back

Business Strategy And Planning

Stop reacting and start being proactive about achieving your goals.

Systems And Procedures  Review And Development

Create and review streamlined systems and processes that make running your business easier.

Virtual Business Management

Outsource business management tasks that give you space.

Lucas Grossi, Ramp Up

"Laia has implemented effective systems and processes that have enabled the business to go faster and better with an underlying philosophy of users in mind: "Build it in such a way that the right way is also the easiest way" has been her predicament all along, and it's worked great for us. 
I found Laia to be proactive, efficient and fun to work with all this time. EBM's cost models are transparent and customised to our needs, enabling us to plan ahead. We'll continue to work with Laia in the future."
Laia Sastre | Virtual Business Manager

Hola, I’m Laia!

Many of my clients tell me that they wear too many hats in their business. And this stops them from freeing up their time to do what they love. 


Often, they’ve tried to delegate, but all their knowledge is tied up in their head.


Or they’ve subscribed to tools, such as Asana or Notion, in an effort to start getting systems that support their business but aren’t using them to their full potential.


I love working directly with the visionary/creator of the business to make their dreams happen by supporting the creation of a strong foundation to support their business growth.

Chris Walsh, Director/Principal Planning Consultant at Tripp Andrews

Proactive & Efficient
"Our small team had grown over the last 2 years, and with the changing working environment, we saw it as both a requirement and an opportunity to implement improvements within our business. Laia has been the perfect person to help us with this. She has pushed our team with her proactiveness and has worked efficiently, meeting all agreed deadlines. Her organisational skills were exactly what we needed. Thank you again, Laia"

Three Simple Steps From Overwhelmed to Focused

1. Book A Call

The first step to working together is to schedule a consultation call. 


We’ll talk about your business's unique needs, goals, and challenges. During this call, I’ll help you to identify areas where my expertise and services can make a meaningful difference. 


I can tailor my approach to meet your requirements by understanding your challenges and aspirations. 


Additionally, this call serves as an opportunity to make sure we’re a good fit, ensuring a strong working relationship.


After your free 30-minute call, I’ll send a proposal detailing how Elevate Business Management can help your business.

2. Create A Plan

Once we’ve identified your business's needs, it's time to develop a strategic plan. 


This plan will serve as a roadmap to provide the necessary support and services to help you achieve your objectives. 


The plan will include clear, actionable steps, prioritised tasks, and milestones to track progress. 


The plan will be designed to adapt and evolve as your business grows and your needs change, providing ongoing support and direction.

3. Make It Happen

With a solid plan in place, it's time to put it into action. 


I’ll begin implementing the strategies and tasks outlined in the plan, working diligently to ensure your business reaches its full potential. 


Throughout the process, we’ll keep in regular communication, providing updates on progress, addressing any challenges, and celebrating successes. 


As your trusted partner, I’ll keep you accountable to your goals and empower you to stay focused on the bigger picture. 


By working together, you'll be able to overcome obstacles, maximise opportunities, and achieve the growth and success you envision for your business

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