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Five benefits of being consistent in your business

Somehow, again, time flew and it’s nearly Christmas! And as the year ends, many business owners reflect on the year that just passed and set goals for the year that is about to start. Based on this, this month I’d like to touch on consistency and the benefits that it has for your business.

Why consistency is important for businesses?

In one sentence, I’d say that being consistent in business builds trust and helps you deliver your services efficiently - which leads me to add: you also deliver your services profitably. Consistency is important, especially during times of change and challenge, when people need certainty. And when I say this, I think about when I had my first daughter and I was told that babies and kids need consistency. I wondered why and learned that consistency (amongst other things) is calming and supports a confident approach to life and relationships.

Benefits of consistency in your business

Improves customer retention

Delivering consistently the same level of results (for yourself and your clients), every time, manages expectations. I believe it’s important that your clients know what they can expect from you.

Creates accountability

Consistency helps improve your levels of accountability. You can see a direct correlation between how consistent you’re being and the results you get. You’re then holding yourself accountable for both, your actions and the results.

Improves your mindset and gives you clarity

When you work consistently towards a bigger achievement or goal, you see how small, consistent actions are moving your business forward. This leads to self-belief and trust, which also gives you clarity.

Clarity will allow you to focus on what needs to happen to achieve your goals. Dedicating a few minutes to plan the day ahead and prioritising your tasks, will give you clarity around your day/week ahead, and will also help you stay focused and consistent. Having clarity around what needs to happen will support you to work more efficiently.

Helps your brand and marketing

Being consistent in your business will help differentiate you from your competitors. As you build trust and become known by your ideal audience through consistent messaging and branding, you’ll stand out from the crowd. And on top of that, if you showcase your success stories, it’ll be the best way to advertise your services.

Being consistent isn’t just great for your business, it’s also great for you too. Consistency enables you to build a positive and reliable brand, as well as fostering the relationships you have with your clients.

Allows measurability and improves your profitability

When you produce consistent work (in a consistent amount of time) it’s easier to track progress toward your goals and make sure you’re charging the right amount for your services.

Consistency takes planning and often includes good systems in place. A consistent and systemised approach will look for ways to do things more efficiently spending less, which will lead to more profit. I would also add to the above that tracking your time of the (consistent) work you do will allow you to know where your time goes, which will enable you to make informed business decisions to improve your profitability.

How to be consistent

Consistency comes naturally for some, and is very difficult for others. The good news is that like most things, it can be learned! Here you have a few tips to help you show up a little more consistently:

  • Create specific and realistic goals, and make sure that every decision and action you make contributes to meeting your greater business purpose and goals

  • Create a schedule and plan your days so you get everything done on time

  • Only commit to things you can keep. It’s ok to say no

  • Define your brand and stick to it

  • Analyse the results of your efforts

  • Consider how changes affect your clients

  • Reward yourself when you meet your goals and milestones!

And a friendly reminder: Whatever you do, don’t be so busy doing good work for your clients that you neglect your own business. Taking the time to put your own house in order is the best thing you can do for your business in the long run.

If you need a little help creating structure around your business and implementing consistency, it may be the right time to make a shift and consider hiring a Virtual Business Manager (VBM). A VBM can be your accountability buddy as well as support your business in many areas.

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